Common Core Standards and RTI = High Quality Classroom Instruction, Ongoing Assessments that Inform Instruction, and Targeted Additional Instruction to Meet Students' Individual Needs

Who wouldn't want high quality instruction in every classroom for every student?   Educators know what needs to happen in the classroom.   We've been talking about it for years, attending conferences, reading professional books and journals.   We have the knowledge.   Now we need to move forward with an action plan and go from "knowing" to "doing."  

LexAmi can help you find the right tools to bridge the knowing/doing gap!  Here is how LexAmi is different from every other educational "vendor" or "sales representative":   We do not have a preconceived notion of what you need.  We do not represent just one company that tells us to sell their product to you, whether or not it is the right fit.   Instead, we offer a vast array of resources from several different publishers to address your various instructional needs.   Let us know your most pressing challenge, and we will create a customized proposal.   

Providing professional development materials and learning opportunities to educators is at the root of LexAmi’s existence.   Over the years, we have worked closely with state departments of education, district curriculum directors, reading coaches and classroom teachers to ensure that the highest quality professional development is available in the Southeast.   Along with the finest workshops, videos, and publications that support excellent teaching, we have invested considerable time and energy learning about and bringing you the “best of the best” curriculum materials to help bridge theory to practice in classrooms.    

We are proud of this work and the relationships we have forged with you.   We hope you will continue to partner with LexAmi as you look for cutting-edge, research-based solutions.  Let us create a customized proposal that addresses YOUR needs.